About Me

I am currently a PhD candidate at the Ohio State University. I recently defended my dissertation, “Moving from ‘Community as Teaching’ to ‘Community as Learning’: A New Framework for Higher Education and Writing Studies.” Beginning in July, I will be joining the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as Assistant Professor of English and Director of Composition.

As a researcher at the intersections of writing studies, digital media studies, and professional communication, my projects (including research, teaching, and administration) ask: How do people teach, learn, and write in social systems? I refer to the social systems in which teaching and learning occur as “communities of pedagogy.” Traditional communities of pedagogy are social experiences in settings typically understood as educational such as higher education institutions and writing classrooms. In addition to these more traditional sites, I also study non-traditional communities of pedagogy, or social systems that exist outside of institutionalized educational locations but nevertheless feature teaching, learning, and writing. These include non-traditional forms of education like massive open online courses (MOOCs) and pedagogical experiences such as online comments and fitness wearables. I am especially interested in examining how non-traditional communities of pedagogy may help writing instructors develop new strategies that can inform pedagogical practices in traditional communities of pedagogy. When studying communities of pedagogy, I pay careful attention to structures and practices in social systems that facilitate learning, especially considering how identities, bodies, technology, and power interact in communities of pedagogy. My research draw on individuals’ experiences in traditional and non-traditional communities of pedagogy to help writing practitioners develop pedagogical practices for the writing classroom that can create more effective learning experiences to meet diverse students’ learning needs.

You can find me on Twitter @kclinnin, or you can check out my blog where I reflect on research, pedagogy, and writing program administration.