4C17: Institutionalizing Community

I’m presenting this week at CCCC 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

My first presentation is part of the panel “Reclaiming Community to Create Change in (and for) Higher Education” with Andrea Efthymiou, Lucas Corcoran, Jenn Fishman, and Laura Sceniak Matravers. You can find us in Thursday, March 16th from 1:45-3:00pm (session C23) in the Portland Ballroom 258. 

My presentation is “Institutionalizing Community in Higher Education and Writing Programs.” I’m examining several discourses of community currently circulating in higher education institutions, the institutional practices informed by these discourses, and potential partnerships with writing programs.

You can access my presentation slides and my presentation script.

CWPA Presentation: Writing Program Administrators as Diversity Practitioners

I’m presenting at the 2016 Council of Writing Program Administrators conference in Raleigh, NC. My co-presenter, Kay Halasek, and I are discussing “Writing Program Administrators as Diversity Practitioners: Assessing for Institutional Transformation.”

Our slides are available here, and our script is available here.

Computers & Writing Presentation: Reclaim the Comments

I’m attending the 2016 Computers & Writing Conference in Rochester, NY. I’m presenting with Katherine DeLuca on Friday, May 20th, session A6 in Salerno 105. Our presentation is a workshop titled, “Producing Civic Action and Public Discourse from Online Communities.”

Our presentation website is accessible here.

The script for my presentation, “Reclaim the Comments: A Call for Technorhetoricians to Conserve Spaces of Online Public Discourse,” is downloadable here.

As a preview, here is one of the many troll drawings I created to illustrate the presentation:

An angry troll standing on a bridge

An angry troll standing on a bridge

Conference on Community Writing Presentation

I’m fortunate enough to be presenting a panel called “The Terms & Conditions for Community: The Role of Rhetoricians in Defining, Making, and Practicing Community” with Jonathan Bradshaw and Lori Beth De Hertogh at the Conference on Community Writing. My presentation, “Defining Our Terms, Defining Our Commitments: Cataloging the Uses of ‘Community’ in CCC” is based on my dissertation research. In this presentation, I offer a historical overview of the different uses of “community” in College Composition and Communication and suggest that writing studies practitioners need to be aware of these diverse uses in disciplinary and institutional settings.

The script of my presentation is available here or embedded below.

The PowerPoint presentation is available here or embedded below.