My research examines teaching, learning, and writing practices in pedagogical locations, including traditional educational sites like writing classrooms, writing programs, and higher education institutions. I also study alternative pedagogical sites such as massive open online courses (MOOCs), online comment sections, and fitness wearables. Although these later sites exist outside of traditional educational structures, I argue these pedagogical locations can expand accepted knowledge about teaching, learning, and writing to inform pedagogical practices in traditional educational locations. Building on Etienne Wenger’s communities of practice, I identify these sites as communities of pedagogy, or social experiences built on teaching, learning, and writing. My research connects traditional and non-traditional communities of pedagogy to produce new understandings of teaching, learning, and writing in communities to create more effective, inclusive learning experiences for diverse writers.


Here are some documents that illustrate some of my past, current, and future research projects:

Research Agenda

“Redefining the MOOC: Examining the Multilingual and Community Potential of Massive Online Courses.” Journal of Global Literacies, Technologies, and Emerging Pedagogies 2.3 (July 2014): 140-162.

Building a Body: Intersections of Technology, Literacy, and Bodies. Collaborative multimodal book project currently under review at Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University (decision expected Autumn 2016). Based on Computers & Writing 2015 Presentation “Writing/Righting the Body: Narratives and Literacies of the Body Through Personal Trackers.” 

“A Catalog of Community in CCC from 1980 to Present.” Article manuscript revised from dissertation chapter.

“Writing Program Administrators as Institutional Diversity Practitioners: Assessing for Institutional Transformation.” CWPA 2016 Presentation. Article manuscript in progress.

“How Not to be a Troll: Teaching Comment Sections as Rhetorical Publics.” Based on Computers & Writing 2016 Presentation “Reclaim the Comments.” Collaborative article manuscript in progress.


I am happy to share additional research materials such as other published articles and manuscripts. You can also view some of my digital productions here.